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I’m experimenting with ThingSpeak, a service that allows you to upload, analyze, manipulate, and display data in charts.  You can then copy the chart code and paste it into your own website.

I’ve got my Pool Controller ESP8266 logging Pool Water Temperature.  Below is the chart:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. ThingSpeak Configuration
    1. Sign up with ThingSpeak
    2. Create a channel
    3. Create a chart for each ESP8266 output you want to record
    4. Write down the Write API key
  2. ESPEasy – Configuration
    1. Set Protocol to ThingSpeak
    2. Enter as the Controller IP
    3. Enter the Write API key from above into the Controller Password field
  3. ESPEasy – Devices
    1. Set the IDX/Variable for each task to the corresponding chart number in ThingSpeak.  For instance, I have 1 entered for the Uptime task.  This is how the data is routed to the correct chart.
    2. If you have two readings for a given sensor, Temp will go the chart that matches the DHT IDX/Variable and Humidity will go to the IDX+1 chart. For instance, I have DHT11 set as IDX 5. In ThingSpeak, Temperature is displayed on chart 5 and Humidity on chart 6.
  4. ESPEasy – Tools|Advanced
    1. Set Message Delay (ms) to 15000

ThingSpeak offers many other tools and apps, all of which I’ll be exploring in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, thanks for letting me share this cool service with you.

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